Artifact Donations

Suitcases and kimono on display at the Amache Museum. Photo by Terri Holden. Amache survivor Bill Sueoka reading quotes from his mother in the Amache Museum. Photo by Kirsten Leong.
Many artifacts in the Amache Museum were donated from families incarcerated at Amache. We would be happy to work with you to determine whether we can accommodate your items.

In addition, the Amache Preservation Society is in the process of furnishing the move-in room of the barrack at Block 12H to reflect what it was like in 1942 the first day that families moved in. We are now looking for a pump-up fire extinguisher to have a complete move-in room in the barrack. Other artifacts that would help interpret life in the barracks also are welcome.

We are also looking for historic photographs of Block 11F, in particular the Recreation Building. We have finished restoring the Rec Building and are working on developing exhibits for the space. To help with this we are collecting images, objects, and stories about living in 11F and activities held in the Rec Building, especially its use as a preschool. If you have any of these please share them! We can digitize and return them with you, if desired. We are also seeking other artifacts related to the recreation building and its use.

Please contact the Amache Preservation Society at if you have a ca. 1940s pump up fire extinguisher, photos of the Rec Building from Block 11F, artifacts to help with interpretation of the reconstructions, or other items you would like to donate or share.