Project Team

Friends of Amache – For many years, Friends of Amache served as an umbrella, coordinating organization for Amache site preservation, interpretation and management. It consisted of four main partner groups – the Amache Preservation Society, the Amache Club, the Amache Historical Society, and the Town of Granada. Some of these groups are transitioning operations to younger generations. Their involvement, as well as others listed below, with various Amache projects has been as follows:

Amache Preservation Society – Led by John Hopper, Principal of Granada High School, this volunteer organization is largely comprised of current and past students of the high school. Students help with ongoing maintenance of the site, lead site tours, participate in preservation projects, maintain a museum of artifacts, and provide presentations on Amache in Colorado, neighboring states, and around the world.

Amache Historical Society II and Amache Alliance – The Amache Historical Society II (AHSII) was started by a group of surviving Amache Sanseis and Yonsei descendants to continue the work of the Amache Historical Society. With additional retirements, some of AHSII are transitioning to working as the Amache Alliance, which was formed as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation for charitable purposes and received its Federal IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status in August 2021. The Amache Alliance will take over the AHSII responsibilities, fill the non-profit tax-exempt role of the Amache Historical Society’s retirement with the Nisei survivors, and continue to support the Colorado organizations supporting Amache as well as the national organizations. The Amache Alliance mission is to: Help preserve and interpret the Granada War Relocation Center (Amache) National Historic Landmark; Educate all Americans about the forced evacuation, relocation, and internment of Japanese Americans by the preservation of Amache’s stories, artifacts and historic structures; and Work collaboratively with other organizations to highlight the lessons of the Japanese American confinement and its relevance to the preservation of liberty and civil rights for all Americans today.

Amache Historical Society – The Amache Historical Society consists of a group of surviving Amache incarcerees based in California. The Society is a major fundraiser for Amache projects and serves as an overall resource regarding historical interpretation, planning, and development.

Amache Club – The Amache Club focuses on preserving Amache history and the internment experience through historical research and documentation collection.

Town of Granada – The Town of Granada, as owners of the Amache site, has given the Friends of Amache a 99-year lease to ensure site preservation regardless of organizational leadership changes and generally grants permission and provides support for projects taking place on-site.


University of Denver, Amache Project – The Amache Project involves university students in research, preservation, and interpretation of Amache related mainly to archaeology or with projects at the museum run by the Amache Preservation Society in Granada. The Department of Anthropology, led by Dr. Bonnie Clark, holds summer field classes in archaeological research on-site that includes monitoring and assessment, related field work and research, laboratory work, and reporting. The project also has a facebook page.

National Trust for Historic Preservation/Mountain Plains Office (NTHP/MP) – The NTHP/MP has consulted on the Amache Comprehensive Interpretive Plan and Conceptual Development Plan developed in conjunction with the National Park Service, the Friends of Amache and other partners in 2007. The NTHP/MP partnered with the Friends of Amache in 2010 for a plan to reconstruct the Guard Tower and assists with site interpretation and project planning.

National Park Service – In 2007, the National Park Service helped organize a three-day workshop to provide guidance and direction for interpretation and development at Amache. The purpose of the workshop was to improve the visitor experience at the site by exploring alternatives for site development and interpretation, while also incorporating long-term maintenance and preservation goals into the planning process, resulting in the Amache Comprehensive Interpretive Plan and Conceptual Development Plan. This Plan has since provided direction from which participating partners have followed. The Guard Tower and Water Tower Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Plans (2011), the Building Stock Research and Inventory Related to the Granada Relocation Center (2011), the website, driving tour and podcast tour, and other related projects also have been funded in part through the National Park Service’s Japanese American Confinement Sites (JACS) Grant Program.

Colorado Preservation, Inc. – Amache was listed on Colorado’s Most Endangered Places List in 2006 by this Colorado historic preservation nonprofit advocacy organization. Colorado Preservation, Inc. collaborated in 2010 with the Friends of Amache, the University of Denver, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation to develop a Guard Tower and Water Tower Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Plan, and also developed the report entitled “Dismantling Amache: Building Stock Research and Inventory Related to the Granada Relocation Center (2011),” all of which were funded in part by the JACS Grant Program. Colorado Preservation, Inc. also assists the Friends of Amache with site interpretation, project planning, grant writing, management and project administration.

Former Amache Incarcerees/General Public – Former Amache incarcerees, descendants, and members of the general public participate in an annual Pilgrimage to the site for gathering and remembering.