Self-guided Driving Tour

You can still navigate Amache using the original roads, and most of the building foundations are still visible today. The driving tour identifies many of the interesting features you can visit if you look carefully, although changes in the landscape are subtle to visitors not used to navigating this type of terrain. Blocks are named after the street Number and Letter that intersect at the northeast corner of the block. Dashed lines are not visible as streets on site. Locations of the reconstructed rec hall, barrack, guard tower and water tower are noted in blue along the southern portion of the site. To prepare for a visit, please be sure to visit the page know before you go or read/download the document suggestions for visitors.

To download the driving tour in its entirety for offline playback, please download the link below. To use, open/unzip the folder and load the files onto your mp3 player or burn to CD for playback. (48.7 Mb)

Click on the numbered waypoints on the map below to learn more and listen to narrated podcasts.