The Amache site continues to teach us about its unique history and the surrounding community. The Granada High School Amache Preservation Society and Denver University Amache Research Project provide presentations and research that take a look into life at Amache.

Amache Preservation Society Presentations

The Amache Preservation Society (APS) has worked for many years to preserve the site of Amache and the memories, keepsakes, and historical documentation of those whose lives were forever changed by it. They also maintain and staff the Amache Museum. The APS has an hour-long presentation that includes a PowerPoint slide show as well as a short video used with express permission from the producer of the film. The Amache Preservation Society can do this presentation in the current museum located in downtown Granada, Colorado or they travel to schools, civic organizations, museums and other events as school schedule permits. Presentations are free of charge as long as the travel distance is within reason – although donations are appreciated and support site preservation and student travel costs. Please coordinate as far in advance as possible to align with student schedules. The Amache Preservation Society also travels to Japan every other year to give presentations. Former Amacheans have worked with the APS to develop historically accurate and informative presentations covering the history of the site, stories from survivors, and the impact of incarceration.

Denver University Amache Research Project

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Denver (DU) is engaged in long-term community-based research at Amache. Part of their research is an Archaeological Field School held every other summer at the Amache site. Students, volunteers, Amache descendants and survivors participate in this program. In addition to field research, the field school participants work with the collections and artifacts at the Amache Museum, run by the Amache Preservation Society. The DU Amache project has media links, their yearly newsletter, and many other publications available on their website: