The Amache Preservation Society has an hour-long presentation that includes a PowerPoint slide show as well as a short video used with express permission from the producer of the film. The Amache Preservation Society can do this presentation in the current museum located in downtown Granada, Colorado or they can travel to schools, civic organizations, museums and other events. The Amache Preservation Society has traveled to several states to give presentations. All presentations are free of charge no matter where the location is as long as it is within reason. The furthest the Amache Preservation Society has traveled in the United States has been to Topeka, Kansas — a 7.5-hour trip one way. The Amache Preservation Society travels to Japan every other year to give presentations. Former Amacheans frequently accompany us on presentations many times, and their critique ensures accuracy in our presentations.

Interpretive Center

The Amache Preservation Society is looking forward to an Interpretive Center that will eventually be built at the main gate. When it is built, the museum and all the primary information and photos will be moved to this center. Currently, the artifacts, pictures, maps, videos and a scale model of the camp are located at the Amache Museum in downtown Granada along Highway 50. This museum will be remodeled and an informational kiosk located just outside of it. Scholars have used the museum’s primary resources in their research for books, and former Amacheans continue to donate items to the museum, which are invaluable to interpreting what happened at Amache.