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Amache’s future relies on you! All preservation activities are funded by donations and grants from individuals and foundations.

Amache sustains major hail damage on July 29, 2018

A hailstorm on July 29 delivered baseball-sized hail driven by 70 mph winds, resulting in damage at the Amache site, research center, and other buildings/structures in Granada. The barracks building on the Amache site lost 65 of its small-pane windows, there was also damage to the water tower and guard tower. The research center also lost many windows, needed to be re-roofed, and needs new fencing. Amache Preservation Society was able to secure the buildings, protect all artifacts, and perform crucial repairs. Thanks to the outpouring of support from the Amache community, immediate costs were covered, but the larger repairs are still ongoing. Members of APS have also been volunteering their time and assistance to Granada community members whose homes, vehicles, and other property sustained major damage. We would be grateful for any funds to help with continued restoration.

Every dollar counts!

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Other projects planned for the Amache site include furnishing the restored barrack and continued work on the 11-F Rec. building that was recently relocated from the Town of Granada back to its original location. In addition, we hope to develop an Interpretive Center/Museum, which is estimated to cost $2.1 million. This is in addition to approximately $15,000 in annual operating and maintenance costs to keep the site safe for visitors.