Site Planning

In 2007, at the request of the Town of Granada and the newly formed Friends of Amache, the regional office of the National Park Service organized a three day workshop “to provide guidance and direction for interpretation and development of the Granada Relocation Center.” A booklet was published in April 2007 titled: Granada Relocation Center (Amache) National Historic Landmark: Comprehensive Interpretive Plan and Conceptual Development Plan.

Detailed suggestions and recommendations were formulated by the workshop participants. The document focused on four primary interpretive themes to be addressed by those charged with the restoration and preservation of the Amache site. A visitors center/museum was envisioned as part of the comprehensive plan. Cost estimates for the visitor’s center/museum were included in the booklet.

Because the Amache site is owned by the town of Granada, it is not possible at this time to determine how much of the plan for restoration, preservation, management, and eventual visitor’s center/museum will materialize. Some grants have been written and approved by the National Park Service for such things as the building of a guard tower, reconstruction of the water tower, and renovation of a barrack.