The preservation and remembrance of Amache is truly a collaborative effort, with many groups engaged in different types of activities.

Because each group has a slightly different focus and audience, there are a number of newsletters about Amache. We have collected them here in case you do not receive them already. Contact each group directly if you would like to be added to their mailing list.

Amache Preservation Society

The Amache Preservation Society is based in Granada, CO. Headed by Granada High School Principal John Hopper, APS maintains the site, coordinates the onsite preservation efforts, and involves Granada High School students in educating the public about Amache and WWII Internment Camps more broadly. Their mailing list includes people who are interested in what is happening at the site of Amache, in the town of Granada, and with the students from Granada High School. Their most recent newsletter is available below.

University of Denver’s Amache Research Project

University of Denver’s Amache Research Project is a long-running community-based historical archaeology project. It has offered Archaeological Field Schools every other summer (in even years) since 2008. Members of the Japanese American and Granada communities have volunteered each season, which wraps up with a community open house and public open house to share interesting findings. Their mailing list includes people who are interested in Amache and in the field of historical archaeology.

  • To read their annual newsletters, visit the project website and scroll to the Project Newsletter section
Amache Historical Society II

The Amache Historical Society II is a group of Japanese-American Sansei and Yonsei with ties to Amache who are working to continue Amache’s legacy, to find interested younger generations to join in this effort, and plan how to work with the existing Amache organizations to meet Amache’s future challenges. They formed in 2015 when organizers of the Amache Reunion and Amache Historical Society announced they were stepping down. Their mailing list started as the Amache High School Reunion list and has grown to include other descendants of Amache survivors and friends. They are now operating as Amache Alliance, but past newsletters are available below.

Amache Alliance

The Amache Alliance (AA) was formed as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation for charitable, educational, and historic purposes and received its Federal IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status in August 2021. Why was it formed? Unfortunately, the Amache Historical Society II (AHSII) could not be recognized as a nonprofit under California business rules because its name was similar to the original Amache Historical Society (AHS). In addition to assuming AHSII responsibilities, the AA fulfills the role of the earlier Nisei-led tax-exempt group. And it continues to support Colorado and national organizations in their preservation efforts. Continuing the work of our Nisei pioneers is an honor.