Catherine Ludy


  1. Minoru "Min" Tonai
    May 22, 2012

    Miss Catherine Ludy was my 8th Grade teacher, in our first year in Amache (September 1943). She was a very nice and good teacher, who was sympathetic to our situation and was very kind to all of her students. It must have been trying time for her trying to teach in less than normal condition, with very limited supplies and books. But we were well-behaved and she did not have discipline problems that I remember, exceptoccasional smart=aleck remarks that some of the guys may have made. Girls were always extremely well-behaved. I have nothing but good memories of her during that year in Jr. high School. I am still in touch with many of those classmates from the 8-3 Class. We have lost some of them, such as: Edison Uno, and Isabella Tanji. If she is still with us, I am delighted and would like to correspond with her. Min Tonai

    • Pauline Tanji Hatakeda
      September 30, 2012

      Hello, Min:

      I’m sorry to inform you that Isabella Tanji, my cousin, passed away in 1950 from Leukemia.

  2. Minoru "Min" Tonai
    May 22, 2012

    Ooops! She’ll be upset with me on my typo. My eyes are not so good (type was small and light) that I was not able to read what I poorly typed (2-finger typing). On the 5th line it should have said, “except an occasional smart-aleck remarks that some of us guys may have made”,

  3. Paul keogh
    October 24, 2015

    The internment camps were a dark moment in United States history.As an Proud American who had a father who was a corpsman in the pacific and married to a Japanese citizen I am deeply sorry for this awful transgression of the human spirit.It does not represent the courage and selflessness of our heroes like the firefighters of the FDNY on 9-11:who represented the greatness of tha American spirit.


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