Waypoint 2 (old)

Waypoint 2: 6H Garden and Koi Pond, Barracks, Mess Hall, Latrine

6H Garden and Koi Pond:  When we first arrived at Amache our surroundings were dry, dusty and barren. Many of our parents were gardeners and farmers before camp and they used their skills to help make things look and feel more cheerful and familiar. Many families planted gardens in front of their barracks entrances and walkways. Some blocks also made community gardens like the one that included this koi pond…

Barracks:  When we first arrived at Amache, each family was assigned a one-room unit in the barracks that we called an apartment. There were six apartments in each building

Mess Hall:  Eating meals at camp was very different from how we ate before the war. In camp, we waited in long lines outside of the mess hall three times a day, regardless of the weather…

Latrine and Laundry:  One of the most difficult changes we had to deal with in camp was using a public latrine. Each block had a latrine and laundry building that was divided into a men’s section, a women’s section, and a laundry area…

Waypoint 2
Mess Hall
Latrine and Laundry
Garden with Koi Pond


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